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Early Cars

When we first arrived we picked up our rental car, an Oldsmobile Achieva. Not a bad car, but it didn't have any air conditioning, which is pretty useful when it comes to the warmer weather. This kept us going for the two weks or so while we waited for the Malibus.

Our Achieva
rental car

When all the paperwork was complete we got our cars that we'd ordered while we were still in Scotland. The Chevrolet Malibu has received some praise in the US automobile press and looked to be a fair buy. Most of all I'd always wanted to drive a Chevy! We went for a pair of LS models, as it had most of the features we wanted (a/c, auto, etc.). The only options we added were leather and a CD player. The two cars are identical except for the color. They've proved to be very decent cars, quiet, roomy and with enough power to pull out into smaller gaps without upsetting anyone. Not bad at all, and at about $18k a reasonable price. Let's see anyone get a similar car in the UK for around 11kGBP!

Malibu and Malibu,

Although it's only 9 months since we got the Malibus, it's fun looking at what else is available. We both quite fancy the Chevy Suburban, probably the biggest production car available in the world. It is absolutely massive, and allows 9 passengers and a good load of luggage, combined in a 4x4 body style. On a smaller scale, the new Dodge Durango, another 4x4, or sport utility. It looks big and chunky, and is quite striking in an electric blue metallic paint job.