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Cars - In America

And so to our American period.

Whilst still in Scotland we were approached by a company that arranged cars direct from the factory, at special rates. Although this was principally for military and government personnel working abroad, for some reason we qualified for the scheme. The big kicker for this was that they organized finance, a big deal when your credit history is a big, round, fat zero.

So we ordered a pair Malibu sedans, and had a rental Oldsmobile Achieva while waiting for them to arrive. Read all obout it in our early cars.

After about a year we (not that Cathy had much say in it!) switched one of the Malibus for a Mustang, and a few months later the other Malibu was switched for a van. Finally, the Mustang was switched for a truck.

And that really brings the story up to date. Looking at cars here there are so many I'd like to get. Chevrolet Suburbans are just so big, Camaros look great. I think the north west is getting to me because I have this desire to go out and buy a truck! I quite fancy one of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 V8 models. And there's a host of other vehicles to try. I'm not interested in buying any Japanese stuff - heck I could have bought that sort of stuff in the UK, why come out here and buy the same?

[Update 12/2004] Well, the truck got switched for anther truck, and then for another Mustang, this time a V8 convertible GT, in bright yellow. Totally fabby it is too. The van got switched for a Suburban and then an Escape. Let's see how long these ones hang around.

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