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Mike's Homage to Hawkwind

Hawkwind Logo

I first started listening to Hawkwind when I was introduced to them by a friend at university in 1977. I liked what I heard, and it all kinda went on from there. I now have a large collection of Hawkwind albums, and I've seen them live several times, sometimes on consecutive nights. The tours date from 1978, although I haven't seen them for a few years now. Ahh, the pressures of married life. And being in the wrong place at the wrong time... :(

Zones cover Hawkwind has always been a very fluid band, with members coming and going (and often coming back again!). The one constant throughout all this is Dave Brock, the band's co-founder and main influence. As these members have departed to do their own thing I've followed some of them, so here's some of their activities. Zones cover

In keeping with their roots as a 'Space-Rock' band, and the technical nature of the music, Hawkwind have a large following on the Internet and there are many sites featuring Hawkwind, so here are a few of my favorite Hawkwind links.

I've now purchased a scanner, and I've scanned some photographs from the Elric tour. They're not great, but what do you expect from a small camera with no flash, taken from the first row in the balcony? They're probably far better than I had any right to expect...


Here's a list of all my Hawkwind albums (watch out - it goes on for some time...). If it's got a link, I've done a track listing and my opinions. As I get more time (and a new stereo system to play the vinyl on!) I'll expand the reviews.

Well, I count 46 albums in total, and I don't have them all by any means! I'd like to get some of the more recent ones I'm missing, but there are always more important calls on the cash.

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Friends & Relations

Perhaps the most famous of the Hawkwind friends is Lemmy and his band Motorhead.

Another of the main driving forces of Hawkwind was Robert Calvert, singer, writer and space-poet. While browsing through the web I came across this excellent site for him, but which also covered a lot of the Hawkwind history.



There are many clubs and publications devoted to Hawkwind, so here's a few :