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When we first moved to Portland we stayed at an apartment complex at Oswego Pointe in Lake Oswego, towards the river. It was a 3 bedroom apartment, a decent size and a good start to get us settled. We chose it while still in Scotland from the Apartments for Rent on-line web-site. We selected those that looked interesting and contacted them by e-mail to request brochures. Unsurpisingly, but disappointing none the less, not all our choices responded. From the brochures we chose the apartments on Foothill Drive and called them. The lady we spoke to did an excellent job of selling the place, mentioning several features that were of specific relevance to us (e.g. the school bus stop was right outside the compound), and we placed a booking. Normally they request a deposit, but when we pointed out that we were across the water she just said not to bother, they'd trust us.

Sure enough, our first day in Portland saw us turn up on their doorstep and walk straight into out new apartment. They even gave us directions to several stores to get bedding, furniture and kitchen stuff, and we were in that night.

We stayed there for about 9 months, and it was a great starting point. They were trying to sell the apartments as condos, so were looking for month to month leases, which suited us fine.

Front elevation A frontal view of the apartment. There were four in the block, ours was the upper left as you look at it. Next door were a group of students, who were (mostly) very quiet, but pleasant to speak to when we bumped into each other. For the greater part the apartment below was empty, which was probably just as well...
Living room The living room at about Christmas time (that tree is a dead giveaway).

I'll try to locate some more, but that appears to be all the interesting ones.