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And so to our current home. We moved in here at the start of August in 1999, so that makes it over one year already. A large housing estate on Bull Mountain, it seems to be one of those areas that people move thru quickly, there are always houses for sale. The house is cosy, too much so in the summer. We'd like to get some ac installed, but there are 101 other things more important at any one time. Anyway, here are a few photos...

The fornt... This is a photo of the front of the house, taken from across the street.
Kitchen This is the kitchen, looking from the patio doors in the family room. (well, it's all open plan, so the family room is a bit theoretical...)
Yard from the patio doors The yard looking out from the same patio doors (just in case you thought there was more than one set...). In the far corner is a fenced off area with distinct flower beds. We really should decide what to do with the yard. The concrete is tremendously practical, no grass for the kids to kill playing soccer (like they did in LO) or even cut.Sophie does tend to rip things up, however.
Yard from the other corner The yard from the other corner of the house, the fenced area in the foreground, and the shed in the other corner. It looks small here but it's really a decent size.