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Intro Sophie        


Sophie is our Malamute mix hound, and the most recent addition to the family. We got her in Septeber of 1999, not long after we'd moved into our new house. I suppose it was as much to mark our freedom in choosing what to do as we were in our own house now, and we made the rules, not some rental company. Anyway, she's a cuddly lovable beast, if a bit wary of strangers.

Sophie in September 1999 Some photos of Sophie when we first got her from the pet shop. We'd been thinking of getting a dog for some time, and she was there at the right time and made the right noises. Sophie in September 1999
Sophie in October 1999 Sophie in October of 1999, a little bigger and more confident already. Already looking less of a puppy and more of a dog. Sophie in October 1999
Hurry up, I've got things to do... And so to January of 2000. She's got a little bigger, but hasn't changed otherwise. Yep, I've done something bad, you just haven't found it yet
Her first exposure to snow, and all we saw in the entire winter. It wa all gone by the after noon when the sun came out to play.