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Here's the basic poop [Updated in December 2004]:

Born 9-Jul-1959
Place Fraserburgh, Scotland
Parents Pam, George died 02/2005 :(
Height 5 feet 6 inches (ish)
Weight Around 180 pounds (ok, 185...) [Update]Well, after starting at Nike and playing soccer on a regular basis (as well as refereeing and not eating like a pig) I'm now down to ~160 pounds and down 2 pants sizes. I want to keep it there, if not lose a little more
Fave color Yellow, green, red, anything bright
...tv show Ally McBeal, West Wing, soccer [Update] Really don't watch much tv at all these days, a little bit of soccer now and again is all I have time for.

Hawkwind, Rush, Jethro Tull [Update] Linkin Park

...books Science fiction, computer (what a geek!)
...food Spicy (Thai, Indian)
...sports Soccer, rugby
...pastimes Games, computers, refereeing
...movie Full Monty, Brazil, Scent of a Woman, A Few Good Men, The Horse Whisperer, Matrix
...actor Al Pacino, Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington
...actress Jodie Foster
...PC game [Update] Mac game Lords of the Realm, Civilization II, Age of Wonders, Kohan [Update] Tropico, Railroad Tycoon III, but only because they're the only Mac games I've got!

This is me, taken in December 1997, at my desk at Nationwide Insurance in Portland with my trusty Sony DSC-1 digital camera (as are most photos here), a rather fabby toy.

It's me!

Me in June 2005, taken with a Canon SD200, the replacement digital camera.

It's me - 2005 version!

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