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Mike's Music

I think I have a fairly wide taste when it comes to music, liking most music from classical to heavy rock. However, some of the more recent trends in music leave me solid cold, e.g. thrash, grunge. As long as there's a decent tune I can generally like it.

However, there is no doubting that my favorite is Hawkwind. So much so that I've devoted several pages to them.

We just recently bought a stereo system witha record deck, so I've been going back over some of the old albums. Early 70's Hawkwind, Iron Maiden, Status Quo, Deep Purple and Rainbow have all been gracing my eardrums. Ah, it's been great to hear some of those albums again, some of which I haven't heard for several years now.

I did start with A and try to go through the whole collection, but I'm afraid I just couldn't quire bring myself to put the Bee Gees on the turntable. (Yes, yes I know, but in my defense I will say that I was young and didn't quite know what I was doing...)