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The Sealed Knot

The Sealed Knot crest

When I went to university in Aberdeen I met up with Peter Mearns. I'd been subscribing to his PBM Diplomacy magazine, Puppet Theatre News, for a while and was looking forward to meeting him. At a freshers lunchtime do, he also introduced me to some of his friends, Fred Kelly and Peter Martin. They also introduced me to a pastime of theirs, English Civil War battle re-enactment, and the group that ran it, The Sealed Knot. It all sounded very intriguing, and they seemed to have a good laugh. And so they introduced me to...

The Sealed Knot is organized around local groups, each based on an actual regiment of the Civil War. We took on the persona of a regiment local to the Inverness area during the civil war, Col. Hugh Fraser's Regimente of Dragoones. I won't go into the full details of the regiment as Alistair Birnie has extensively documented the historical side of the regiment, as well as the current, SK, set up.

Overall, I was in the SK for almost 20 years, and I have some wonderful memories of the events and people I met in that time, as well as seeing more parts of the UK (and France!) than others. Mostly it was just an excuse to go off with the lads for the weekend and get pissed. And, for that, it was as good an excuse as any other...

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