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As I said on the opening page (which you've all read, of course...) the original aim of this web-site was to get photos up for family to view back in Scotland. When I was listening to the Tom Leykis radio show one afternoon he interview a lady called Jenni about her web-site JenniCam, which is no more. When I checked it out I found a journal (which was fascinating reading, btw) and I searched and found some others.


So, I decided to add a similar thing here, covering what we'd been up to that week. This ran for about a year and a bit, before I just didn't have time to do any more. The pressures of working away. Now that things are settling down I plan to restart adding entries. We'll see how it goes.

Hah! Well, that lasted a depressingly short time. One entry in fact! OK, I'm starting another one, and here it is.

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