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I'd never been to Grangemouth before I started going out with Cath. In fact I wasn't even aware of it. I had come across Falkirk (about a couple of miles away on the other side of the motorway), through the Scottish League soccer team, and I'd played badminton when in Norway with someone from Falkirk.

There's really not much to Grangemouth. It's mostly chemical/petroleum works and a bunch of houses. It has a reasonable athletics stadium and that's about it. Of course the best thing to come out of Grangemouth was Cathy... ;)

I haven't been able to find any good web-sites relating to Grangemouth, the best I could find was the Tourist Information site for Falkirk & Central Scotland. It has some interesting links to areas around Grangemouth, such as Kinneil House (nice for going for a walk), and Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway.

Falkirk is quite a nice place, where Cathy's sister, Margaret, and her hubby Steve and baby Matthew, now live. It has some nice places to go, and some good restaurants. Callendar House has some nice grounds for going for a walk, and the Antonine Wall runs through Falkirk. It is also the site of several battles, including one of William Wallace's as featured in the film Braveheart, and one of Bonnie Price Charlie's, on his retreat towards destiny at Culloden Moor.

I would have put up some links to Grangemouthers on the web, but I couldn't find any that were at all worth the bother. They'd just waste your time...