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Our one and only daughter, Catriona, born 24-Mar-90. Very artsy and literate. You can see older photos in the archive.

On the left is Catriona' school picture from October 1999 (told you I was getting behind!)

On the right is her 11th birthday. Colin was away that night so I deputized for him.

11th birthday
Her first basketball team In 200 Catriona played some basketball. And her 5th grade photo. 5th grade photo
Catriona in the snow 2001 Away with the Girl Scouts on Mount Hood in late 2001. And in the back yard in February 2002. Feb 2002
Playing basketball for St. Anthony's Hawks In spring 2002 Catriona was asked to join the tean with some of the girls from her Girl Scouts. She did and had a great time under the watchful eye of coach Wildey. (Hi Joe!) And with cinnamon rolls for breakfast in June 2002. Catriona with cinnamon bun