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Our youngest son, Graham, born 8-Mar-92. Absolutely daft on soccer, and a natural left footer, taking after my dad. I've tidied up this page and moved some of the older photos to an archive page.

School 2nd grade photo The one on the left is his 2nd grade school photo. In the fall he played with Westside Warriors, the younger equivalent of the Westside Metros that Colin plays with. They pretty much walked through all the opposition... Westside Warriors
1st communion

Graham's 1st Communion, pictured with Father Les from St. Anthony's in Tigard.

Graham's 9th birthday. He's just had the last tightening of his braces and they should be coming off in the next couple of months.

The 9 year old boy
I think they won... Graham's team managed to take the goald medal in their age group at the F.C. Portland 6v6 tournament in June '01. They won it on penalties after tieing 0-0 in the final. Look, gold medal!
Westside Warriors In the fall of '01. he was playing rec soccer with Westside Warriors again, and practicing with F.C. Portland in their Academy program. At times he had soccer 6 days a week. After the game
School 4th grade photo On the left is Graham's 4th grade photo. This space intentionally blank!
In the snow after soccer We don't often get snow (and very rarely SNOW) and you can tell by the way he's just wearing a tee shirt that it isn't cold. I think he's just back from an indoor soccer game. June 2002
Graham with dad Jun 2002 Graham and me in June 2002, and Graham in the Portland Cup from early July, playing for F.C. Portland. Portland Cup Jully 2002