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Colin is our oldest son, born 3-Apr-1988. A (mostly, when he bothers) straight A student he is also a fair soccer player. Go, dude! You can check out older photos in the archive.

Oct 1999

The one on the left is the school photo from October 1999.

The one on the right is his 13th birthday. Also in the picture are Ryan and Matt Boston (front and back right, respectively) and hiding at the back is Nick Ross (who lives just round the corner from us).

(Yes, I know the birthday photo is chronologically out of place, but that's where it's going...)

13th birthday
Phantoms and medals Colin and his current team, Westside Metros Phantoms. A really good bunch of guys, and a not half bad team to boot. They came top of Classic 1 division in Fall 2000, not losing a single game. At the top of the tree
Phantoms fall 2001 Colin in Phantoms uniform in fall 2001, and his 8th grade phot, October 2001. 8th grade photo
Fall 2001 premier soccer Playing for Phantoms in fall Premier league and in the State Games of Oregon for Southridge High School in June 2002. He starts there in the fall. Playing for Southridge High School
Getting medal at Hillsboro In July 2002 the Phantoms played in the Hillsboro Diador tournament, coming in second. Colin gets his medal with coach Jeff Carroll watching. And here is Colin putting paid to a cinnamon roll. It didn't stand a chance... Colin and cinnamon roll