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A spare moment, so the journal restarts after a break of almost two years.

So, what's happened in all that time? We bought our first home with the excellent help of John Ritums at Portland Professionals. We acquired a dog to go with the home. Cars were changed a couple of times. Our application for a Green Card proceeds onwards into the very last stages, only requiring fingerprints to be taken. We already have the Employment Authorization Documents (actually an ID card) that permit Cathy to get a job, so we're real close. The boys continue to play soccer, more anon, Catriona is just Catriona and we're still just us.

Colin is still playing with Westside Metros Phantoms soccer team, now into the U14 bracket. They came 2nd in one tournament, but didn't do so well this weekend. It must be said, however, that they had probably the stiffest competition in their group.

Graham has been asked to play on a U10 team for FC Portland, so he's switched allegiance. For the moment at least. He did a six week academy with them and seemed to enjoy it. A chance to play real soccer with some kids who know how to play.

Catriona gave up on the basketball and doesn't do sports. She spends most of her time reading or playing on the computer or games consoles.

Cathy is thinking about what she will do when school goes back. She'll probably look for some work with the school district, the library being an obvious choice.

I'm still working with Oracle, currently on a project out in South Dakota, in Aberdeen of all places. Half way around the world and I end up back in Aberdeen! And it's cold enough that the brass monkeys migrate for the winter. Tomorrow is my birthday again. 42. I should have the answer to the question of life, the universe and, well, everything. Nope, I had it on the tip of my tongue, but it's gone...

Those are the high points. You'll just have to tune into another thrilling installment next time. (Next week? Perhaps.)